The selected designers from the second selection event at Rome

  • 30th April 201630/04/16
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Four tough minutes to impress the Committee of Experts. In the prestigious setting of MAXXI in Rome, the designers defended their ideas before seven sectorial experts who highlighted the potential of each project.

The designers who were selected in Rome for exhibition in Basilica Palladiana at Vicenza (10-12 june) are:

Marta Andreoni

Ilaria Aprile

Giovanni Cugliari

Mirjana Deletic

Roberta Galantino

Beatriz Hdez Azcarate

Italo Lupo

Daniela Maestrelli

Massimo Marcelli

Dario Oggiano

Tania Marta Pezzuolo

Silvia Pieraccini

Paola Sprovieri

Roberto Virdis


_Originality and innovation

_Technical functionality and aesthetic quality

_Use of technology and sustainability of the production chain

_Connection with the designer’s territory and synergy with local production companies

_Ability to communicate and present the products

_Marketability of the product

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