We are proud to present the winners of the last two editions of Open Design Italia:

Open Design Italia 2015


Atelier di Cucina wins the Open Design Italia Award for ‘Pila’, the kitchen floor that brings together the cutting board and the mortar: for the effectiveness of the product, the study of a functional typology, and the respect for the essence of the materials.


Nullame wins the under 35 Special Award – DE.MO. 2014 (promoted by MiBACT –Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities and for Tourism, GAI – Association of the Network of Young Italian Artists and the Municipality of Modena) for ‘Nullame, il tempo di essere’ (‘Nullame, the time to be’), a wristwatch that does not show the hours going by. The reason for the award is the object’s poeticalness and its introspective capacity, which evokes the idea of personal time or inner time.


Tarta Design wins the Prezi Award for ‘Tarta Original’, an ergonomic modular seatback, created to eliminate barriers between the world and the disabled people. A complex and effective product, ready for sale. Prezi’s choice to offer a personalized presentation helps the designer to promote his product and activity.


Studio Lasinger wins the Living Award for ‘Wood Weavings Wovet’, a wooden standing structure used as a wardrobe or as a showcase. The prize is awarded for the versatility of the product and its ability to interpret the material.


The special mention ‘Chilometro Zero’ goes to Christian Mittendorfer for his project ‘Binò’, a wooden coat rack characterized by its simple design and high functionality.


Edizioni Precarie gets the ‘Poetic message’ special mention for their food stationery paper. This product combines sustainability and regional traditions.


Design at Museum Award – Design dresses up in the special setting of the museum. The winning works were photographed by professional photographers in the settings of MUSE, Science Museum in Trento. The winning projects were: Rootless’ ‘The wooden bike’, Tarta Design’s ‘Tarta Original’, Little Italo’s ‘Dune’, Massimiliano Alberto Ravidà’s ‘Top’, Sudisegno’s ‘Dodelamp’, 3Sign’s ‘Pinocchio’, Antonietta Casini’s ‘Cosà&Così’, Ilana Efrati’s ‘Fossili mediterranei’, Way Clothing’s and Studio Lasinger’s jewels and, for the Special Section, Mauro Borella’s ‘Ailovo’.


The Accademia d’Ungheria Prize gave the chance to the winning designers to exhibit their works in the elegant surroundings of the Accademia d’Ungheria in Rome in November 2015. The prize went to Rootless’ ‘The wooden bike’, Defacts+Henry&Co’s ‘Salvamacchia Eatshoot’, Atelier di Cucina’s ‘Pila’, Aude’s ‘Woo’, Little Italo’s ‘Dune’, Mangodesign’s ‘Sfacciato’, Victoria Thiteux’s ‘Lampkappa’, Benini e Salvaterra’s ‘Terotoi’, Takirai Design’s ‘Anelli Vuoto’, and Studio Lasinger ‘s ‘Wood Weavings Wovet’.

Open Design Italia 2013


Georg Muehlmann wins the Open Design Italia award for his wooden stool ‘Melk-i’, for the interpretation of the artisan tradition and its cultural transfer to new contemporary product.


Lenneke Langenhuijsen wins the Ottagono (media partner) award for ‘Wooden textile’, textiles made of wood pulp, for the storytelling and the social side of the project.


Kaustav Majumdar wins the Prezi award for the set of sustainable clothes-stands and chairs, for his ability to express innovation and typological functionality within the frame of full recycle of resources and materials.


Urge Design – Gian Piero Giovannini – wins the under 35 special award Movin’Up (promoted by MiBACT –Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities and for Tourism and GAI – Association of the Network of Young Italian Artists and the Municipality of Modena within the framework of DE.MO.) for ‘Cactus’, s set of glass jugs, whose shapes are based on the principle of communicating vessels. He receives the award for conjugating the three keywords of the new generation’s best artistic production: research, creativity, and innovation.


Foroofficina receives a Special Mention for the cleverness of their wall structure ‘Foro’.


Madesignproject receives a Special Mention for the completeness of the project, from the idea to the packaging of the ‘Sponte’ tiles.


N+1 receives a Special Mention for the research of materials for their lamps ‘La PIA Concetta’, produced with organic material that would otherwise be used for compost.


Creazioni Zuri, Emmepi design, and Elisa Occhielli win the special award Open Design Italia meets Berlin, promoted by the Italian Embassy in Berlin. They exhibited their works at the Italian Embassy in Berlin during the award ceremony of the Interior Contract Award by Zimmer + Rohde 2013.

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