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Weaving is for Cristina Busnelli, much more than a job, a real passion inherited from her family and the town where she lives, Bassano del Grappa, that has a long tradition of craftsmanship.
The textile designer studied Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Design in Milan and later she learned to weave with Renata Bonfanti, a great teacher, who has greatly inspired her career as a designer.
Since the beginning, she has produced only unique pieces, initially prototypes of a possible reproduction in small series and then experimentations of techniques and combination of different threads.
Each object that she creates is a handmade piece, that comes from a processing that combines creativity and rationality. Her main tool is the loom: an interweaving of threads in different colors and materials with a technique that creates a sinuous plot.
The technique that she uses breaks the rules of traditional weaving in order to create, in addition to tapestries, also necklaces, earrings and bracelets with a three-dimensional effect.




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Necklace and ring made with handloom characterized by a three-dimensional effect.

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