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“Atelier del Legno di Pivato Francesco e Stecca Stefano Snc” is a splicer company which selects, transforms and manufactures veneer for doors and furniture.

From 2012 the founding members, considering the high amount of waste resulting from the processing of wood, began to consider various possibilities to develop a new product with the fine wood remaining from their production, in the pursuit of ecology: Caudex ®.

Caudex® is a material that comes from the craftsmanship skills of “Atelier del Legno S.n.c.”, which has been able to renew itself by investing in creativity thanks to the collaboration with the designer Fabio Caeran. Sensitivity to the theme of recovery, reuse and remanufacturing of waste materials, was the starting point for a journey that is now materializing into a new material that was patented in 2013, an incubation period of several ideas and projects.

Caudex is a sandwich of scraps from the processing of wood and cellulose material or natural fibers, and has the aim of offering new opportunities in the sectors of packaging, construction, coating, design and paper industry, to stimulate the creation of new products.




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Caudex® is an innovative and eco-friendly material obtained by combining, through a patented process, the remains of wood production of Atelier del Legno S.n.c. to a support of cellulose or natural fiber.

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