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65 | Laboratorioframe | Potenza Picena (MC) | Italy


LaboratorioFrame is a team of young creatives (Eder Staffolani, Francesca Marabini, Giorgia Giustozzi, e Roberta Carlocchia) that brings together different skills ranging from architecture, to fashion marketing, graphics and design. Their background fully reflects their desire to investigate the contamination that is affecting more and more the world of self-production, thanks to new technologies, traditional techniques and alternative materials.



Self-production is:

The creation of unique pieces combining craftsmanship and digital techniques.



The raw material becomes valuable. Concrete, often used in theconstructionindustry,takes here innovative shapes and is worked down to the last detail. Lines are inspired by diamond, the quintessential icon of jewels, and concrete becomes a fashion accessory, embellished with golden hooks, rhodium, silver or leather.

Dates and Places

Year of realization: 2014

Design place: Potenza Picena, Macerata

Place of production: Potenza Picena, Macerata


Concrete, Leather, Silver, Gold, Rhodium



Manufacturing process

Working concrete with water to obtain the desired shape. Combination of the design components: precious metals, leather strips and use of digital modeling tools

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