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60 | Nullame | Pisa | Italy


Bring together a designer and an engineer: creativity, organization and unforseen projects perfectly coexist. Lorenzo Brini and Francesco Guiducci created Nullame, a firm oriented to the design and production of handmade timeless watches.



Self-production is:

The ability to use one’s own means to produce a product, even in series, meeting his own needs.


Nullame – Il tempo di essere

A wristwatch to enjoy the passing time, without showing the hours that go by. A strong provocation by Nullame, that wants to reflect on how the hectic daily routine steals precious time of unscheduled leisure.

Dates and Places

Year of realization: 2013

Design place: Ponsacco (Pisa)

Place of production: Ponsacco (Pisa)


Wood – from scraps of furniture production – Leather – tanned purchased from the tannery, recycled and recyclable plastic



Manufacturing process

Production of the strap, production of the case, assembly of the components

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