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44 | Eco&You | Brescia | Italy


Arianna Filipini and Federica Ravera are two designers from Brescia, who graduated in Industrial Design in 2011 with a thesis on the cardboard design, that they translated into everyday objects for both adults and children. In 2013 they founded the project Eco&You which produces cardboard furniture, in collaboration with a paper company.



Self-production is:

The new frontier of craftsmanship. It is the right synergy between design and industrial production, in a new perspective that cares for sustainability.



The collection was created to stimulate children’s creativity, starting from everyday objects such as furniture, which is experienced in a process of discovery and learning, thanks to the linear, colorful and recognizable shapes.

Dates and Places

Year of realization: 2014

Design place: Brescia

Place of production: Verolanuova (BS)


100% recyclable and biodegradable corrugated cardboard, FSC certified


Lic Packaging

Manufacturing process

Cutting and printing plotter for the corrugated cardboard; manual assembly of the pieces through folds and clips

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