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28 | Sudisegno | Altamura (BA) | Italy


In 2000, architect Riccardo d’Oria began working as a product designer at an ongoing research aimed at understanding the cultural evolution and the fast custom changes that affect objects. In 2007, he contributed to the establishment of the Territorial Delegation for Puglia and Basilicata of ADI (Industrial Design Association). And from 2010 he devoted himself to self- produced design.



Self-production is:

To preserve “endangered” methods and craftsmanship, to transmit the culture of the project and to be able to produce highly customized and exclusive design.



A table lamp that can take different positions: floor projector, suspension or fastened lamp. It’s a combination of analogic and digital technologies that allows to express their personality. All materials are Italian and the production is done by local artisans.

Dates and Places

Year of realization: 2014

Design place: Spinazzola (BT)

Place of production: Altamura (BA)


Beechwood from Calabria, texitiles by Lanificio Leo (Calabria), electrical cable by Creative-Cables (Turin), GU10 LED source


Pecore Attive, Francesco Dilerma, Davide Decarli

Manufacturing process

Wooden structure, hollow cylinder made of polished wood, fabric parts sewn on a PVC frame, 3D print with PLA fiber for the base and the joint of the stand

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