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07 | Design Periferico | Salerno | Italy


Synergyc group of creatives (Roberto Monte, Nello Antonio Valentino, Aniello Rega, Cristina Milito Pagliara, Antonio Giarletta, Chiara Calabrese, Adriano D’Elia, Laura Savarese, Giuseppe Palladino, Federica Monte, Roberto Nicolò), Design Periferico leaves its mark in the design scene, taking part in many design exhibitions. Actively involved in the social sphere, its name has been published on many important articles.



Self-production is:

Self-produced objects that combine craft, art and design through techniques that range from handmade processes to the skills of local master craftsmen, from traditional industrial methods to the use of new technologies.


In Viaggio

Three different objects with a common conceptual origin: the journey. BOA’ mbriaca, Vasi di Città and Barchiello playfully interpret the metaphorical translation of the linguistic and visual meaning.

Dates and Places

Year of realization: 2013

Design place: Salerno, Avellino (Campania)

Place of production: Salerno, Avellino (Campania)


Several materials for the three different products: iron, paper, wood, steel, ceramic, sand, waste barrels


Aniello Rega, Nello Antonio Valentino, Roberto Monte, Antonio Giarlletta

Manufacturing process

Water cutting and wire drawing, with the help of small factories and craftsmen

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