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Rootless, a team composed by Andrea Patrucco ( craftsman), Maurizio Mion ( 3D modeler) and Enrico Bassi (designer), is dedicated not only to technical experimentation but also in how it can result in sustainable final products with business potential.Enrico Bassi has been the coordinator of Fablab Italia, Fablab Torino and now Fablab Opendot. Bassi combines design with research in the field of digital production: he teaches at NABA in Milan, LABA in Brescia and SUPSI in Lugano.


01 | Rootless | Torino | Italy | product

Self-production is:

Not just “building your own projects.” It means rolling up your sleeves, taking charge of your own ideas and not accepting things as they are a priori.


The wooden bike

Wood is an amazing technical material. It was the first composite used by humans and unlike metal, it can be worked both at room temperature and with CNC machines. This bicycle reflects its beauty and performance thanks to its customized hollow frame.

A second version is already being designed, once again made of wood and produced with digital technologies.

Dates and Places

Year of realization: 2013

Design place: Turin

Place of production: Turin


Local certified ash wood and cherry wood



Manufacturing process

CNC milling

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