During the exhibition, excellent personalities will assign the four awards to the projects interpreting at best our partecipants’ creativity. There they are:

Aldo Cibic | architect and designer

Boaz Cohen | designer BCXSY

Valerio Facchin | designer and President of ADI Nord Est

Adam Somlai-Fischer | co-founder and artistic director of PREZI.com

Roque Luna Jr. | manager for retail Guggenheim Museum shops

Benedetto Marzullo | journalist and managing editor of LIVING

Luigi Ratclif | GAI  National Secretary (Giovani Artisti Italiani)

The jury members will select the best projects based on originality and innovation, technical and aesthetic functionality, technologies used and sustainability of the production chain, connection with the territory, communication skills and launch of the products and, at the end, disposability on the market.

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